Life powered by Greenworks

Greenworks are one of the World's largest manufacturers of battery power tools and are part of Globe Technologies. But there is much more to the company than this, as we are committed to an electric future through innovation, invention and large scale manufacturing to make a more efficient world.


Since 2007 Globe Technologies has been researching, designing and manufacturing battery products. With global R&D centres and manufacturing bases, Globe is committed to breakthroughs in lithium batteries, advanced brushless motors and electronic controls to deliver cleaner, energy efficient products to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels.

Globe's customers include Lowe's, Amazon, Walmart, CTC, Costco, The Home Depot, Harbor Freight Tools, Bauhaus, Leroy Merlin and other supermarkets and e-commerce partners, as well as Stihl, Toro, B&S, Stiga and other well-known brands.

Our vertically integrated intelligent manufacturing system and advanced product development and design capabilities are central to our competitiveness.  Globe is focused on the establishment of its own brands, and in 2009 we created Greenworks to bring our superior power technology and products to the world.


Patents for invention


R&D personnel

£565 million 

Operating income


Granted patents

As the latest division of the Globe group, UK based Greenworks Power delivers domestic and commercial battery storage solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, we empower homes and businesses to harness energy efficiently. Join the Greenworks Power revolution for a greener and more efficient future.

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To questions of Greenworks' manufacturing in the UK

Domestic battery units with built in inverters.

Light industrial battery units with built in inverters

We are working on several site locations.

We welcome contact from regions who feel that the employment of skilled workers would be of benefit to them.

We are committed to expanding the range of products manufactured in the UK.

Once a suitable site is found we will make heat pumps and solar panels.

Industrial battery systems, mobile energy storage and many more are planned.

Absolutely!  We are ambitious, we are forward thinking and we will work with partners and government at all levels to deliver our ambitions.

We are a dynamic company with a drive to work with R&D partners to help solve the urgent energy needs of this country.

Life powered by Greenworks

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